Hi, I’m Jeff Davis

I am an electrical engineer specializing in audio and acoustics, building Microsoft Hololens.
This site used to contain blog posts documenting forays into linux, ameteur web hosting, and music reviews, along with pages for hobbyist-level audio electronics projects and font design. Loudifier.com served as an outlet for the nerdy stuff that I was thinking about and working on when my day job afforded me an excessive amount of downtime. Since then, I have started a real career in electronics, shipped the world’s first holographic computer, and I spend much more time working on projects in a professional capacity. I have diversified my hobbies further, into 3D printing and CAD, speaker building, and photography, but have much less time for the writing and documentation that I used to put into this site.

Today, my professional online presence is on LinkedIn, and my personal projects usually end up on Instagram.


Comic Relief

If you came here looking for Comic Relief, the metrically-equivalent replacement for Comic Sans MS, please visit the font page at the Font Library. Comic Relief uses the copyleft SIL Open Font License, which means it is free for personal and commercial use. The raw FontForge project files are available here. I love seeing projects that use Comic Relief and I want to know if you find a bug or think that there is an improvement that could be made to the font. Please do not hesistate to contact me at info@loudifier.com


Audio Projects

My audio projects were fun for me, but were mostly adaptations of popular circuits and had mediocre-to-poor documentation. I learned quite a bit in college, but the thing that really bridged the gap between taking electronics as an elective in high school and having a career as an audio hardware engineer was reading countless hours of project showcases and circuit explanations on hobbyist websites. If you are getting started in electronics and want to dive deeper into audio, I can’t recommend these sites highly enough:
Elliott Sound Products
Linkwitz Lab