New Typeface on the Site

Ever since I started building my fiancé’s website, I have had an interest in typography. Just like any other red-blooded American, I love me a good, legible, interesting, sans serif. With that in mind, I decided to save you, my dear readers, from having to endure my ramblings and Arial at the same time. I went with Ubuntu, yes the font for the most popular linux distro. It is kinda funky, with a neat, rounded but a little square, style. It is very legible as a screen font, and, most importantly, it has a single-story lowercase “g”. You know, because that’s how people actually write “g”.

This was made obscenely easy with the help of the WP Google Fonts plugin. I just installed the plugin, turned it on, picked my font, and told it what elements I wanted it to work on.

I also tried the WordPress Font Uploader plugin. Useless. I never did get it to actually work. And it was a free version, so you can actually pay for it to suck harder. Plugin fail.

By the way, I tried to be clear with my typography terms. “Typeface” is what most people refer to as a font, while “font” is the typeface plus its size, weight, etc. “Arial” is a typeface, while “Arial italic 14pt” is a font. Some people are font nazis, so I tried not to piss anyone off, but I should also understand that, no matter how hard they hold the shift button while ranting about terminology, they have already lost the war.

Stay tuned for future post on how to actually use a non-google font in a post.