Make your own low distortion function generator

Yes, you too can have your very own function generator in a Juicy Fruit tin!

I know, the metalwork on display is totally crooked. I’m better on the design side of things, which isn’t to say I didn’t struggle with the PCB layout for a while. See?

But the thing to take away from my struggles is that I did the PCB layout for you. Head over to the project page, grab your laser printer and ferric chloride, and get started on a cheap and (relatively) simple sine wave oscillator.

For all who want to install SIMetrix on Linux Mint

I know there must be tons of people clamoring for help on this, but don’t worry, I can help both of you out. There is a new page up in the how-to’s section for getting the intro version of the excellent SPICE simulation software, SIMetrix, running on the linux distro that has recently surpassed Ubuntu in popularity, Linux Mint.

You can check it out here.