Comic Relief 1.0 is officially out

I have put the finishing touches on Comic Relief, my metrically equivalent replacement  for the barftastically popular Comic Sans MS. It takes up the exact same space as Comic Sans, but the letters have consistent height, consistent slant, and consistent stroke width. It looks like the handwriting of that girl who was the teacher’s pet back in 5th grade instead of the handwriting of your arthritic grandfather.


The next time one of your family members tries to print up something that they designed using Comic Sans, relieve them of their responsibilities, and appease their desire for unprofessional typography by switching the font over to Comic Relief. While it is a better choice for your lost cat poster, it is still inappropriate for a gravestone.

Head over to the Comic Relief page for downloads.

2 thoughts on “Comic Relief 1.0 is officially out

    • False. Derivative works that parody the original are protected under the First Amendment. The modified picture of your cat is social commentary on the masses poorly wielding powerful graphic design tools… or something. Your cat pictures are simply being coopted to further the Libre movement.

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