Comic Relief

Comic Relief Regular

Comic Relief is a typeface designed to be metrically equivalent to the popular Comic Sans MS. Comic Relief can be used in place of Comic Sans MS without having to move, resize, or reset any part of the copy.

Here is a side-by-side comparison of Comic Sans MS and Comic Relief, that shows how the metrics line up.

Comic Sans vs. Comic Relief

Comic Relief is copylefted using the SIL Open Font License, so feel free to use it, modify it, or embed it as you see fit.


Comic Relief is available in regular and bold, matching the freely available weights of Comic Sans MS. If you decide that you would like to see a free and open-source metrically-equivalent replacement for Comic Sans Pro with all the fancy ligatures and italic weights and whatnot, I would be more than happy to borrow the font files if you have them, depending on the legal implications (I’m an engineer, not a lawyer), or accept donations to purchase the font pack outright. This is my first font, so if you find an issue that needs attention, please let me know at

If you want to use Comic Relief on your WordPress-powered website, like I am on this page, grab the @font-face kit above, and follow my how-to for using custom fonts in WordPress.