Install SIMetrix on Linux Mint

There is a version of SIMetrix SPICE simulation software available for linux, meant for Red Hat distributions, which makes sense considering how specialized (read: “expensive”) it is. The software is geared toward enterprise environments, but the intro version of SIMetrix is plenty for most hobbyists, and pretty much everything on this site has been simulated successfully with the free, limited version. Individual, hobbyist users, however, are more likely to be running Linux Mint, Ubuntu, or some other Ubuntu derivative, so here is a set of instructions to get you running on the current most popular linux distribution, Linux Mint.

    tested on versions:

  • Linux Mint 13 Cinnamon
  • Linux Mint 14 Cinnamon
  • Linux Mint Debian Edition MATE, Update packs 4 and 5
  • Debian 6 Squeeze stable

I have not tried Ubuntu, but this will probably work for any other similar Debian-based distro.

Start off by grabbing the linux version of SIMetrix on the demo download page. You have to sign your life away to get the link, but don’t worry. I have never received any ads or spam from SIMetrix.

Extract the simetrix.tar archive and lib_extra.tar from the .tar.gz bundle. 

Extracting SIMetrix

Move the files to /usr/local, extract them, and then clean up.

sudo su
cd /usr/local
mv /home/[USERNAME]/Downloads/simetrix.tar ./
mv /home/[USERNAME]/Downloads/lib_extra.tar ./
tar xf simetrix.tar
tar xf lib_extra.tar
rm simetrix.tar
rm lib_extra.tar

If you are running a 32bit distro, you should be able to start SIMetrix now by running /usr/local/simetrix_intro_62/bin/SIMetrix. If you are running a 64-bit distro, then it might complain about a shared object file,, or it might say that the file doesn’t exist. The solution is to install the common 32-bit libraries on your system:

sudo apt-get install ia32-libs

Now SIMetrix should start when you run /usr/local/simetrix_intro_62/bin/SIMetrix

SIMetrix start screen

There you go, the most user-friendliest SPICE simulator out there, working on the most popular linux distro of the day. If you have issues, feel free to ask me questions at