Imagine Dragons – Night Visions – Review

Inhale… Exhale… Imagine… Dragons. 

Imagine Dragons - Night Visions

Imagine Dragons is a young band with too many ideas. Sometimes it bothers me when a band has been around for a while and can’t come up with a real name for their debut album. But in this case, Imagine Dragons has already released four EPs, three with ambiguous names, and then releases their first LP with another ambiguous name. I think the fact that they released Night Visions as Night Visions, instead of  self-titled, means they can’t confidently say this is the sum total of Imagine Dragons. This defines us.

They can’t let go of any ideas. They can’t trim. Night Visions is all over the board. The opening track, “Radioactive” is really high energy, and kind of dubsteppy, reminiscent of Alex Clare’s “Too Close”. And then, suddenly, “Tiptoe” tiptoes its way through the 80’s.

“It’s time” is the song that gets the most play. I have shazamed it a couple times, trying to figure out what the song is playing behind the climactic montage of a dramatic TV show like Vampire Diaries Shameless or Grey’s Anatomy The Newsroom.

“On top of the world” sounds like a missing track from The Lion King soundtrack. There’s a bunch of clapping, and some whistling sounds, and a full chorus in on the vocals, and it’s all very confusing where it came from.

If you told me that “Hear Me” was a Killers song that was accidentally burnt onto the wrong CD, I wouldn’t even question it.

The rest of Night Visions is just variations on the same. There are a few highlights, with a little bit for everyone, but everything for no one.”Radioactive” really stands out if you are in the mood for something that is aggressive, but isn’t metal or underground rap, or full on Skrillex. “It’sTime” is super infectious, and will get stuck in your head. If you like Augustana, or maybe The Script, you might like some of this album. Imagine Dragons is sort of like a weird mash-up of FUN. and The Killers, so if you would put “Mr. Brightside” on the same playlist as “Some Nights”, then Night Visions is definitely your huckleberry.

I liked parts of Night Visions, but it just isn’t a cohesive album. Overall, I give Night Visions three sub-genres out of five.

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