Lil Wayne – Sorry 4 the Wait 2 – Review

Weezy is back, so you can stop pretending to like EDM now.

Lil Wayne’s absence from the regular top 40 rotation has been pretty conspicuous. Now that he’s out of jail it would appear that “Tha Carter gon’ be late, so I cooked up a tape”, to hold you over until Tha Carter V drops. From the opening track, “Coco”, it is clear that things are tense in the Birdman household, with lines referring to himself as “Birdman Jr., more like Ugly Duckling” and talks with Cash Money Records breaking down like “All I got  is Young Money, no more Cash”, “it’s compensation over conversation”, and “Did my time at Cash Money, time served and released”.

From there it’s track after track of the old Wayne that you know and love. “Sh!t”, “Trap House”, “Fingers Hurting”, and “Try Me”, are perfect examples of the upbeat, shiny hits like “Right Above It” that show that you can be a hard rapper, but still have so much fun while doing it. “Bop bop bop, Fuck with me wrong, you get the hammer”, “Y’all shipping’ keys, we shippin’ grand pianos”, “Hold a pistol sideways when I shoot, that’s for style points”, it just keeps coming. A lot of rappers can be either fun or intense and serious, but not at the same time. Lil Wayne walks that line and brings a frenetic energy with Sorry 4 the Wait 2 that is unmatched by any other artist in the game right now.

Not my favorite part of the rap scene, but no mixtape would be complete without at least one display of three minutes of solid flow.”Selsun Blue” is a stripped down show piece that fills this roll perfectly. Along the same lines is “HollyWeezy”, which for me falls a little flat with seemingly endless successions of “Hollygrove, Hollywood, Hollygrove, Hollywood, I’m too Hollygrove to go Hollywood”, although I do love “Momma used to say if I ever get caught they gon put me under the jailhouse”.

Notable feats include Mack Maine on “Try Me” and 2Chainz on “Preach”, and of course Drake had to show up somewhere. At least Wheel Chair Jimmy isn’t rapping about being hard and catching a body on “Used To”. There’s also Wayne’s… um, girlfriend, Christina Milian. I guess if you want to reboot your career you can’t go wrong by 1) attaching yourself to Lil Wayne, 2) get the producer who mixed Wayne’s massive hit “How to Love” to sample freaking Beyonce’s “Drunk in Love”, 3) lay down some turnt up explicit lines.

As sexy as Milian is trying to be, the Lil Wayne-Shanell matchup on “Admit It” feels so much more natural. In a long line of songs promoting love of thick body styles, where D4L’s “Laffy Taffy” is a high point and Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” is a low point, “Admit It” sets a new high bar.

Speaking of sex music, the most bump-and-grind song on the mixtape is “No Type”, which isn’t even about sex or even any girl in particular. It acually opens with “I ain’t got no type, no, but when I met codiene it was love at first Sprite”. Pair that with “Alphabet”, which lists 26 of his favorite ladies to the beat of iLoveMakonnen’s “Tuesday”, and it is clear that no quantity of purple drank will make you as chill as Lil Wayne.

If this is just a preview of what we can expect from The Carter V, then 2015 is looking pretty bright. Overall, I give Sorry 4 the Wait 2 a solid four recycled beats out of five.

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